Do You Travel Or Work Long Hours And Worry About Your House? Get Cameras, Fire Alarms And More

When you travel, work odd shifts or long shifts and your house is left empty for hours or days at a time, it's smart to invest in a security system. Not just a security system, but also locks that work for you.

A locksmith can assess the property to see where your house is the most vulnerable, and what changes need to be made to improve safety.  Here are some of the things that you want to consider keeping the home protected while you're away.

Interactive Camera Monitoring System

Talk with the locksmith not just about cameras, but cameras that allow you to interact with the people you will see. The cameras should have these features:

  • Wireless capability and controls
  • Alerts when motion is detected
  • Two-way talking ability
  • Motion lighting
  • Battery operation
  • Siren/alarm or panic button scares people away

You want to ask someone why they are at your home if you see them knocking, or have a light turn on in the dark if someone approaches the porch or a camera. Decide if you want them only at entrance doors, or around the side of the house or at a man door as well.

Wired Fire Alarms and Gas Detection

If you worry about a fire starting in the home with faulty battery-operated units, get a wired fire alarm system. This means that the alarms have a wireless power option, and then batteries as a backup. You can also have the system send you notifications if needed.

The gas leak detection units can be installed on all levels of the house, and they can plug into the wall and have a battery backup. Both of these are imperative if you aren't always at home.

Keycode Deadbolts

The locksmith can look at all the locks on your doors. Not only may it be time for new locks, but for new doors as well. The keycode deadbolts are a very secure option, and unlike with a traditional key lock, you can change the code overtime if needed. These should be used on all exterior entrance doors.

Home Alarm System

You want an alert if someone breaks into an entrance door, regardless if you are home or away. Get a monitoring system that will notify you and local authorities. Have it set to monitor the doors and the windows, or any other area where you think someone may try to break into the home.

It can be difficult to monitor your home as closely as it should be monitored when you are working 12-hour shifts throughout the night, or if you travel for days on end at a time. Talk with the local locksmith to see if they think your garage door opening system needs to be more secure, or if there are other changes that need to be made around your house so it isn't a target while you can't be there, and even when you are catching up on sleep.

To find out more about different security systems, such as wired fire alarm device installation, reach out to a security system company near you.

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