Three Reasons To Store Your Surveillance Data In The Cloud

Any business owner can tell you that keeping their business safe at all times is a top priority. One way to ensure you can always protect your business premises is to install a surveillance system. With cameras, broken glass detectors, and motion detectors installed around your business, you can be alerted to trouble right as it starts and collect hard evidence of wrongdoing around your property. Surveillance systems come with many storage options. Some are hardwired to in-house computer security systems, and others transmit data via wifi. No matter which option you choose, you can re-route your data to a specialized cloud storage company. Here are three reasons to choose this option.

Disaster-Proof Data

Of all of the data your business gathers, surveillance data holds some of the most important information about your business. You can use your surveillance data to check up on suspicious employees and visitors, ensure tradespeople complete their jobs as outlined in their contracts, and provide evidence of your innocence during a lawsuit. With so much to gain from your surveillance data, you need to ensure that it is protected at all times. If a disaster takes place and your in-house computers are destroyed, any data you store on-site could be lost. Instead, you can store your data miles away from your business, keeping it safe from any local disasters or dangerous people.

Convenient Accessibility

If you store your surveillance data in-house, you can only access it when you are at your place of business. Although this may not pose a problem most days, it can become problematic if you want to check up on your business at any time of the day or night. Files stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Simply log in to your secure cloud data storage service and access the most recently stored files to see what has been going on around your business for the last few minutes or hours. Some surveillance storage services also offer real-time streams of video camera feeds that can be accessed from any authorized mobile device. Having access to this real-time data is almost as good as patrolling your building yourself.

Cloud Storage Services

Many cloud storage companies go above and beyond the services their customers expect. Some of these services offer simple automation tools to help business owners keep their data safe with regular data backups outside of business hours. These companies also recognize the need for constant expansion as companies record more and more surveillance data, so they offer scalable data storage services. You only need to pay for what you use, and you slowly increase your data limit as you gather more surveillance data. As an added bonus, most cloud storage files can be accessed by multiple individuals at once, so you can collaborate with your security team and see the same footage they see as you work together to protect your business.

To learn more about surveillance systems in the cloud, contact cloud security companies in your area.

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