How Do Fire Alarms Work? Which Type Should I Choose?

As a homeowner, you know there are many elements that go into keeping your family safe, from insurance to fences. One major aspect of protection that is required in every home is a good fire alarm system. While there used to be a standard model that almost everyone used, there are now many different types of fire alarms that could be installed in your home. One convenient aspect of fire alarms is that they are quite easy to put up, and can be switched out without much trouble if you prefer to upgrade. The hardest part about putting in new alarms is simply deciding which kind would work the best to keep your family safe. There are several different types on the market, but these are the most popular.


Ionizing fire alarms work by having a constraint stream of electric circulating between metal plates. When a particle of smoke enters the device and touches that electrical current, the alarm will sound. It does not take long for smoke particles to circulate, so consequently, ionizing alarms are very common and effective.


Instead of using electrical current to detect smoke, a photoelectric alarm uses a beam of light. This beam will usually be straight and concise, but when it shines upon smoke it will be stretched and scatter, causing the alarm to sound. Unlike ionization alarms, photoelectric alarms do a bit better at determining if something is actually on fire or if someone overcooked dinner, so they will sound a false alarm less frequently. 


These two methods working together make for a great fire alarm which is both effective and careful, allowing homeowners to trust their alarm. Though a fire alarm with both photoelectric and ionization may be a bit more expensive, most homeowners find that it is worth it. 

Built-in Carbon Monoxide

As a side note, there are fire alarms that also double as carbon monoxide alarms. If you are going to put in all new fire alarms anyways, you may want to spring for the alarms that have a dual purpose. 

In conclusion, you will want to make sure you can keep your family and your house safe by installing trustworthy units that are of high quality. Check and replace the batteries routinely so that you can rest easy, knowing your family and home are protected from any fire-related emergencies. For more information about fire alarm systems for your home, contact a local installation company.

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