4 Ways Home Automation Systems Help With Thanksgiving

The celebration of Thanksgiving is filled with a lot of planning, organization, and cooking, especially if you're hosting guests in the home. Help make things go smoothly with the installation of a home automation system. The connections and features in home automation products will help out your Thanksgiving in multiple ways.

Learn how to transform your holidays forever with home automation.

1. Video Doorbells

As you cook and prepare food, guests may arrive at the house. Instead of interrupting your cooking process each time the doorbell rings, you can rely on a video doorbell to greet guests. Home automation software offers direct connections to video doorbells so you can leave a tablet or smartphone near you while you cook. 

You can quickly see who is at the door, greet them with intercom technology, and allow them into your home using smart locks. After Thanksgiving, you can continue to use the video doorbell for any guest that shows up at your home.

2. Climate Control

As you use ovens and other cooking appliances, the climate in your kitchen can quickly change. Smart automation allows you to set the thermostat in your home. Some of the more advanced systems allow you to set room-by-room temperatures. For example, you can turn the heat down in the kitchen while you cook but keep the living room warm.

The home automation climate controls also allow you to turn on vents or ceiling fans as needed. When everything is within reach, you do not have to delay meal prep to make adjustments in the home.

3. Holiday Entertaining

Easily access music, TV shows, or movies using smart devices. For example, if you children over for Thanksgiving, you can celebrate using holiday music played over Smart speakers. A home automation app includes access to streaming music or your own music library. 

You can also use the smart home system to load up digital movies and other entertainment options for the family to enjoy.

4. Voice Controls

When your hands are stuffing a turkey, the last thing you want to worry about is washing them off just to change some settings in the home. When you shop for home automation equipment, you can look for systems with built-in voice controls.

The hands-free option allows you to easily change thermostat settings, put a movie on, and use intercom systems without lifting a finger. The voice controls will include special keywords and phrases you can easily learn and master before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Not only does a home automation system work for Thanksgiving, but you can use the smart home features all year round. For more information about home automation, contact a local service provider.

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