Keeping Your Business's Locks Secure

Commercial buildings will typically have much higher security needs than residential properties due to the fact that they may have valuable equipment or products that thieves may want to steal. In this regard, the locks on the doors can be a part of the building's security that is easy to overlook, but that can play a large role.

Upgrade Older Locks

Older locks are often far less secure than more modern options. This can be due to the fact that these locks will have suffered extensive wear that may be preventing them from working as intended. Additionally, older locks will often be unable to be incorporated in a smart building security system, which can further reduce your ability to secure the structure. Additionally, upgrading to a more modern lock can allow you to take advantage of the latest in terms of design and materials.

Have A Plan For When The Locks Should Be Rekeyed

It is often the case that businesses will have numerous individuals with copies of the keys. This can be useful when the firm has multiple managers or other individuals that may need to open or close the business. To account for instances of an employee with keys being fired or otherwise leaving the business, you should have a policy that governs when the locks will be rekeyed. This will ensure that the previous copies of the keys will no longer be able to control the lock. While this may seem excessive, it can be essential for reducing the threat that unauthorized individuals will gain control of one of these keys and be able to enter the building.

Hire A Commercial Locksmith To Service The Locks Every Couple Of Years

It may not seem like a commercial lock would benefit from periodic service visits, but these visits can mitigate the effects of numerous different types of wear that can occur. For example, it is possible for the lubricant in the lock to break down. This can increase the difficulty of opening the lock as well as making more likely that some of the moving components will be damaged. Depending on the type of damage that has occurred, this could lead to the lock completely failing, which may leave you unable to either release the lock on the door or secure it at the end of the day. Luckily, a commercial locksmith will be able to perform this essential maintenance for your doors with minimal impact on the daily operations of your business.

For more information, contact a local commercial locksmith service, like A-A Lock & Alarm Inc.

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